Ghost Pirates Slot Review

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Shiver me timbers! You’ll be walking the plank before spending too long on the Ghost Pirates Slot review. Cringe! Anyway, Ghost Pirates incorporates the world of basically, dead pirates. It’s a NetEnt classic and a theme that isn’t taking itself too seriously in what’s a colourful and exciting casino slot. NetEnt often varies its slots in terms of design, but this is obviously one they have worked hard to get as crisp and as clean as possible.

Ghost Pirates comes a standard 5 reel video slot, but its outstanding feature is that you can play up to 243 paylines with any one spin. Now this isn’t the first slot they have tried to do this with, but it is something different which is always commendable, especially from a company like NetEnt. The game does lack features though and only really wild symbols and free spins section to really get excited about.


The graphics on the game are excellent and the inclusion of symbols such as parrots, Gollum type characters, a number of pirates, ghouls, guns, treasure maps, cannons, anchors and medallions keeps it feeling fresh. Most notably, there isn’t a number of picture card to be seen!


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The standout feature within its gameplay is that includes 243 paylines. If you think that most have around 20 paylines, this has over 10 times as many, meaning your chances of winning massively increase. But it’s return to player percentage does vary – although marginally – between 95.% and 96.0%, depending on how many paylines you are playing. In all honesty, neither number is particularly inviting, especially when there’s not an awful lot going on.

Your wild symbols are about as redundant as they can be in an online slot and they do their standard of substituting any symbol within its potential payline. The scatter symbols of the treasure chest are the most valuable in the game and you need to claim at least three of these to get your free spins.

The number of free spins in which you can get not only depends on how many scatters you manage to get, but also the amount of paylines. For example, if you are playing the maximum number of paylines at 243, three scatters will get you 15 free spins, four will get you 20 free spins and 5 will get you 25 free spins. For all other payline combinations you will get 10 free spins with three scatters, 15 free spins with 4 scatters and 20 free spins with 5 scatters.