Mythic Maiden Slot Review

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Mythic Maiden is set in the creepy world of someone’s attic, although it’s like no attic we have ever seen! It’s more like something of a horror movie with the inclusion of skulls, spider’s chests and random hands. The game does look pretty awesome though and the colour scheme mixed in with spooky soundtrack really does add to the atmosphere.

A new look 5 reel, 30 payline game has been added and this is possibly one of the most rare games that NetEnt have. Not a bad thing though as it means players can start their betting from just 0.01 coins and work their way up to a massive 150 coins per spin.  On top of that you get a free spins round, wild symbols and also a very lucrative bonus of potentially 600,000 coins for scooping the in-game jackpot.


Not the most original themes on Mythic Maiden by any means in all honesty, but then again, there are so many slots out there that it’s only natural for some to overlap. What we will say is that the game is one of the better designed online slots in the industry. We spoke about the atmosphere the slot creates and this definitely a positive along with an area that’s often lost on the more modern slots, so kudos has to go to NetEnt for this.


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Some would suggest that the game is a little lacking within its features section and we would have to agree to an extent, but in terms of having more lucrative games, then there are few hat compete with Mythic Maiden on this part. Take the wilds for example; for every time they are used within a winning payline this will pay out 3 times the overall winnings amounts.

The scatter symbols are what are going to get you into the free spins section and to do this you will need to pick up 3 or more to get you just 10 spins. However, 4 scatters will get 15 spins whilst 5 will get you a massive 30 spins and the opportunity to earn more as you are in the game. The Iron Maiden is also something to keep an eye out for in the free spins section as when this opens up if will either give you more free spins or a multiplier worth up to 10 times your winnings for all free spins in that round.