Elements Slot Review

Elements is easily one of NetEnt’s best looking slots with a number of sharp, graphically stunning sections to the slot. It’s all based around a number of elements that sparkle and glow to really add a huge amount of depth, to the design sage at least.

The slot includes NetEnt’s 5 reel, 20 payline game and is one that you will find covers a massive amount of player’s needs. The game feels different because it’s not your traditional slot, instead it incorporates the Avalanche feature which means symbols will disappear and be replaced by new ones, making potentially a number of possible paylines from just one spin. It can be compared to a game like Tetris, where once you get everything in order, it is then replaced.


The game is essentially based around four elements of fire, earth, water and air. The more you get of each element will mean that the quicker you power up your elements bar, which in turn will mean the more money you can win. We’ve already mentioned about how good the graphics and gameplay are for this game, but honestly, its easily one of the best on the NetEnt network and from a source that gets little publicity in all honesty.


Elements Slot Screenshot

The wild symbols are pretty much where this game starts and ends. They can do so many things that it keeps the game really interesting. First up, they act as a substitute for all symbols, which is pretty standard. But with this game paying out at just 96% it means that when winning paylines are hit they will be highly lucrative.

The main thing to look out for is the avalanche feature in the Elements slot. Each winning payline that lands in the normal game will get those symbols replaced by new symbols. There is the potential to have multiple winning lines from just one spin. For every avalanche you make on that spin your avalanche bar at the bottom will power up. You need to make 4 avalanches in a row for it be fully charged and then head into the Free Falls game.

You will also notice an energy meter that charges as you get more avalanches. Depending which element you get the most of will depend on which free falls game you get from the four elements. Each will have slightly different characteristics than the other, but essentially are pretty similar.

Once you’ve hit your four avalanches in a row you will be triggered into the free falls game. Here you get 10 free falls for each game, but any winning paylines will not count towards one fall, so potentially there are many to be had as its quite liberal in how often it pays out. There’s no multiplier here, but in all honesty we found this game to be more than rewarding without it.