Robin Hood Slot Review

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Robin Hood is easily one of the most likable thief’s known to man and this slot is essentially all about stealing from the rich (the casino) and giving to the poor (well, you at least). A brilliantly fun slot to play and another superb addition to the NetEnt catalogue, Robin Hood will be able to cater for all bankrolls with a maximum bet of €100 per spin.

This 5 reel, 20 payline game is about as dynamic as they come with seemingly every icon having some sort of gameplay behind it. A game that is packed full of features, on the Robin Hood slot you get a series of wilds, free spins, money bags games and scatters to keep you entertained. A decent return to player rate of 96.8% will keep you winning enough to tick over but also provide that big win for those a little more persistent.


You are armed with Robin Hood’s merry men to try and overcome the evil rich king and steal your fair share of money to take back to your people. Along the way you will be greeted with a number of obstacles, none more so intimidating than the king’s guards. The game flows superbly well and the storyline is one that we can see really adding to the longevity of it all.


Robin Hood Shifting Riches Slot Screenshot

After each wining line you will be able to use the shifting reels feature which moves the reels either left or right to try and increase the amount of winning paylines you will receive. Depending on how many times the reels shift, will depend on the multiplier to your winning amount. One shift will double your winnings, whilst 2 shifts with treble and three or more will times it by 5.

It’s defiantly worth keeping an eye for the money bags symbols whilst in the regular game. Every time one appears it will be dropped into your chest at the bottom of the screen. Depending on how much you have in your chest will depend how much you can potentially win from the free spins game. Note that the money bags then change to wilds which will hold for your next spin as well.

You only need to pick up two free spins symbols to get 5 free spins, but getting 3 will get you an initial 10 free spins. These can b increased within the free spins section but also be aware that there are 5 additional wild symbols that are added to the game when in free spins, so whilst the number of spins is pretty low, the chances of winning are still pretty good.