Boom Brothers Slot Review

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The Boom Brothers are three charmingly descriptive dwarfs who have just so happened to stumble across a mine full of hidden treasures. It’s your job to help them mine the jewels that lie beneath and essentially win you some money. Luckily, these guys are more than happy to share in what’s one of NetEnt’s most intriguing slots.

Here you will get a 5 reel 20 payline game, which probably falls into the medium volatility section as it pays out around about the industry standard of just shy of 97% percent. On top of that you will be able to play bonus games, earn free spins, gain wilds, scatters and also take on the jackpot of up to 7,500 coins on offer. Bets can start from just 0.01 coins and work their way up to 1.00 spin, so its probably not really going to interest the high rollers.


The slot is probably one of the most fun we have come across and the introduction video to the game really just adds to the whole experience. The Boom Brothers turn out to be a larger than life – despite their size – and by the end you will find that they are really likeable characters; not an easy feat when designing a slot!


Boom Brothers Slot Screenshot

The gameplay is truly excellent and there always feels like there’s something going on or at least that something is going to happen at any moment. In terms of slots that grab your attention, then there are few better on the market than Boom Brothers.

You wild symbol comes in the form of a lit bomb, which could go off at any time. We found that more often than not you will get one of the brothers fly in on his jet pack and just randomly turn a symbol into a wild. Sometimes this will help you and other times this will simply not make a difference, this is called the second chance feature.

Getting into the free spins section requires you pick up three or more of the free spins scatters. For each symbol you get you will get a number of free spins and these will all be added together. Admittedly, we haven’t actually had more than 15 from 4 free spins scatters and with these you get a set 3 times multiplier for your total winnings.

There are two bonus games to choose from as well. The first is the Rail Track section where you must make up parts of the track in order to get the Boom Brothers from one side to the other. By completing the track you will get 4 times multiplier on your winnings, if one piece is missing you get 3 times and if two pieces are missing then you get doubled your winnings.

The final game is the Gold mine where you will have to mine precious stones and metals in order to win. It’s essentially a pick and play game and you need to get one of the brothers to the other side of the screen in order to win. Winnings range all the way up to 7,500 jackpot that’s on offer.