Blood Suckers Slot Review

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Blood Suckers is heavily based around a ghoulish vampire theme, which we were delighted to find out works wonderfully well. Whilst the theme isn’t one that’s going to really standout amongst the endless other vampire type slots, this beautifully designed slot really does pack a punch and will have you reaching for your garlic in no time.

NetEnt have followed their now infamous 5 reel 25 payline slot for this game and one which we think probably adds as much depth to the game as any. What you will get from the slot is a bonus round, free spins, wilds, scatters and even a skill stop feature, which was a pleasant addition.


As we discussed, the vampire theme isn’t exactly ground breaking within the slots and casino industry, but Blood Suckers has, as ever, been really well designed. The dark, yet massively slick graphics includes symbols of vampires, potion bottles, wizards, old books, garlic, stakes and even weaponry such as crossbows.


Blood Suckers Slot Screenshot

For the gameplay section we are going to start with arguably the most boring part which is the wild symbol. For this you will be looking out for the Vampire biting a woman’s neck which also rather conveniently includes ‘Wild’ written in rather large text. These will work as your standard wild symbols and will substitute all apart from bonus and scatter symbols. Now we mention that its boring, but only because the rest of the features are so exciting.

The next two important symbols come in the form of the vampire bride scatter and the wooden stakes bonus. Whilst these are both different, they actually can both work together if necessary to unlock the free spins round. By getting three of a mixture of the two symbols will unlock the free spins round and these can be used from anywhere on the board.

The free spins section is where this slot really starts to heat up. You will start with 10 free spins and a multiplier of 3x your winnings. But if you manage to collect three or more of the scatter or bonus symbols whilst in the free spins section then you will get another 10 free spins with the same 3x multiplier as well. Theoretically, there are unlimited amount of free spins on offer here, but we have only seen this carry over a maximum of three times and this has only happened once.

Finally the pick and play bonus round requires you to get three or more of the wooden staked bonus symbols. Once in you will be greeted with a number of coffins each containing either a vampire or they will be empty. The ones with the vampires in will have a certain number of coins and the more you pick correctly, the more you will win.