Twin Spin Slot Review

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Twin Spin is a real check back to the old school with this original Las Vegas style slot. In a world that’s full of fancy gimmicks, flashy features and over the top story lines, this classic slot might just be right up your street. What you aren’t going to get from this is a number of features and bonus rounds to contend with. In fact, there’s only really one, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not enjoyable, because it truly is!

The game includes another – now – old school 5 reel, 243 payline game which is a massive amount compared to many of the more modern games on offer. Also you will get a unique twin reel feature where the reels will stick together as they spin to create an ever bigger payout.


In all honesty, there’s not a lot more we can say about the slot in terms of looks or design. We’ve said its old school and classic, but you can tell NetEnt have tried to throw a tiny bit of modernisation onto it with a few sparkles and splashes of colour here and there, but then it wouldn’t be like Vegas if it didn’t have this.


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As you work your way through the game it’s possible that a number of the reels will lock together. Once they do this the same symbol will be on at least these reels and in a row, meaning you only need to get one or more of the other reels to match up.

This isn’t just limited to two reels it’s possible to get, three, four r even five reels all linked and spinning as one. The more times your reels stick together the more chance you have of winning big. There is also a wild symbol involved with the game, simply written as ‘Wild’ and also an in game jackpot worth 270,000 coins which can only be triggered when you hold all five reels at once.